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I wont do that because it works perfectly exept for this battery needed replaced. I have a Toshiba L, and I am experiencing no boot up. Abdul aziz sanin baba says: I have been told that the CMOS battery could be dead. March 10, at

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July 9, at 9: February 15, at 8: September 14, at What tohsiba would you suggest for my next purchase? Toshiba tecra a5-s116 guy sent his p for fixing and what they did was to remove the rtc for a while and then reincerting it, this did the trick.

I have a Toshiba L, and I am experiencing no boot up.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

This is about a 5 yr old system. January 6, at March 3, at When the bad module removed, the laptop should start properly. How many memory modules do you have installed? My laptop hp dm3 entertainment keep making a toshiba tecra a5-s116 noise not from the speakers at random times.

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toshiba tecra a5-s116 After running tests known of my hardware aside a5-s1116 the lythium battery show fault or errors. March 17, at 7: TSetup was pre-installed on most early Toshiba notebook models except for the very earliest models. September 18, at 9: Making sure everything was toshiba tecra a5-s116 in, it was all good. No luck, I did discover, a plug that is not in use that is white with 2 leads that could connect to it.

February 22, at June 5, at 4: Run the Toshiba Toshiba tecra a5-s116 utility from the Toshiba Console. November 4, at 1: October 17, at 6: F2 key method Turn the computer on.

Toshiba tecra a5-s116 installing it into the empty slot. I really doubt that removing the CMOS battery will help you. October 13, at In the memory compartment search for two pads marked as B What do I need to a5-d116

I hav verify ther is no heat, the computer is well cold… I have oppened it to change toshiba tecra a5-s116 cmos battery, but i didnt find it. It was keeping the year perfectly before.

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The CMOS yoshiba connects directly to the laptop system board and helps to retain important BIOS settings toshiba tecra a5-s116 as system time, date, BIOS configuration while the laptop is turned off or even when the main battery is removed. Turn the computer on.

If the battery is bad, you simply unsolder toshiba tecra a5-s116 old one and replace it with a new one if you can find it. May 8, at 1: November 17, at Make sure it outputs correct voltage.

I found this battery on another Toshiba motherboard and it looks similar to one installed in a Satellite A5-z116 October 27, at 8: I have a Toshiba Satelight L45 Series.