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I had a friend with this problem. So upon looking closer at the spots I had soldered I noticed a small bit of waste solder which had fallen onto a small part on the board. I noticed that the power cord for my AC adapter is slightly frayed in one spot. Just leave it alone with the harness when you assemble the laptop. Unfortunately, I tried an external monitor and the screen was perfect. I just talked to other technicians and we all agreed that if CCFL goes bad, it might flicker, it might not to work at all or it might work fine for a short period of time, but you say it stays on for hours. I really do not want to have to purchase a complete inverter for bucks in order to replace a small 1 cent plastic piece.

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Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

It turns out that one ribbon cable which goes from the motherboard to the front panel where the LED lights are came loose.

I have a HP pavilion zv and my satwllite is showing green where toshiba satellite m35x-s161 should be and red where black should be. The crack occurs between the DC jack pin and the system board.

Yeah, I experienced the overheating problem as well. I am having the same DC In connector problem that seems to go with these machines.

If the laptop backlight fails to resume after you toshiba satellite m35x-s161 the display, then it might be a lid close switch related problem. I can look up for part numbers for you. A lid close switch failure is not very common and usually I place it at the end of my troubleshooting toshiba satellite m35x-s161.

If I use a flashlight and point it at the screen I do see windows barely, and the external monitor hookup works just fine too. Thanks for this site. I was able to complete this repair not sure if it toshiba satellite m35x-s161 or not yethowever during reassembly I broke the clip that holds the ribbon cable from the power switch and LEDs to I think the motherboard.

The Internal and external monitor s dont work. The computer had seen little use, and no abusive loading of the connector. Is there are some settings for the contrast and brightness in BIOS? If toshiba satellite m35x-s161 power is stable, then I would try to reseat or replace the memory module.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

Now, on to my question. Does anyone know, from experience, how much it would be to get the board replaced out toshiba satellite m35x-s161 warranty? If there is anymore info you need just ask. Are the pins too tiny to solder? I am thinking that there may be something simpler than a bad LCD given that it is toshiba satellite m35x-s161 in exactly the same place as last time.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

After lock the CPU. When it does start up there appears to be a reddish hue to the screen for toshiba satellite m35x-s161 moment. I am having trouble with toshiba satellite m35x-s161 satellite a60, I just used it last night then it drained the battery, I tried charging it and plugging it into power supply but I got nothing no power at all, all the LEDs are off.

Hey Jenny, to all those that have a similar problem as in post 91, my Toshiba M35X-S laptop also had steady green lights and would not turn on right away. Gives the impression of contrast set below zero. Toshiba satellite m35x-s161 a little longer, and she boots fine. The only thing that keeps toshiba satellite m35x-s161 backlight working is to leave all computer on, just close the lid to switch off the screen while not using it.

Also, would you recommend buying the inverter from any site or company in particular? I decided that I want to change the inverter toshiba satellite m35x-s161 next time. Even though the DC jack is not connected to the system tosbiba directly, it is still a part of the system board. The rest of the time I make it all the way through the log in and see my actual desktop, then it goes black. That is the most expensive part in any toshiba satellite m35x-s161.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

Check if you have the same lines on the external video. Hey Mike, Usually a power problem will not affect the display. A toshiba satellite m35x-s161 of history.

Can you tell me what could be the problem? Hey Mel, I totally agree with you. I would try reseating the video toshiba satellite m35x-s161 on the motherboard before buying a new inverter.

I have a Toshiba Sat. Hi guys its been an entertaining read all this. I think you damaged the backlight bulb when you dropped it. I must say toshiba satellite m35x-s161 are right on with this one.

The Setup screen will appear. When booting in safe mode, I have the same problem. Toshiba satellite m35x-s161, Did you break the moving part of the connector?