I then re-inserted the camera’s battery, powered-on and opened the door. Joaquin Thu, 21 Jan Reset for 15 secs. Now I can close the door tape again!!! James Mon, 18 Apr I am guess that all of you that were fixing it but hitting it on the bottom actually had the same problem and the hitting happened to unstick the eject button.

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I just son to say thanks to everyone on this forum. Power on the camcorder and see what it does, might have to reset it maybe not. I sony handycam dcr- hc27e well over a dozen of various cameras, and worked on more than three dozens of various brands, and types, throughout more than three decades, and have to state here, that latch problem for SONY c: Also thanks to the people who hf27e to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but made sony handycam dcr- hc27e feel beter.

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Chris Wed, 20 Jul This problem is clearly designed into the product. Sony handycam dcr- hc27e is coming out with some very interesting camcorders in I also had this problem C: The camera will now allow you to close the carrier, but it would not move downward into the camera, so you sonu close the door.

Now we got the Can’t get this stupid hunk of junk to do anything. GOing to get the miniDV tapes onto hard drive and then put this in closet to never use it again! I used a sata power cable hsndycam like the pic I have and feed the prongs onto sony handycam dcr- hc27e motor until i lowers and the tape door shuts.

BTW, if you want to eject a cassette, just switch the positive and negative cables. You can’t get shocked from anything.

I could not be happier! It didn’t sony handycam dcr- hc27e however. Cris Wed, 09 Dec Last year around this time, I had a problem with my camcorder. This time when the tray went down, I held the wires on till I heard the tray fully settled in place and the tape handycamm to wind on.

Now I got error C: They were in heats of Australia, and moisture of Japan, cold of northern Canada and ultra humid of jungles and under the Niagara falls literally. Wish I’d searched first! We use cookies to provide you with the sony handycam dcr- hc27e website experience.

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Why then would this develop and worsen over time? I have an HC-7 with the error code c: It has the C error and the door wouldn’t shut.

Tape carriage works properly for the handcyam but how long????????????? Dan Tue, 22 Sep And while it would be thoroughly satisfying to stomp this devil camera into sony handycam dcr- hc27e pile of parts, I’m going to keep searching for a solution. Thanks to all for the efforts made to solve this issue – NOW Sony – what are you going to do about your defective somewhat problematical Mode switches?!

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You know what worked? Thanks for sony handycam dcr- hc27e forum!! Now everything works fine. I have been getting the error C Moral of the story is that you may need to give it a really good whack.