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Two comments on using it: Yes Duralite has a nice system! And the flourescent orange makes it nice and visible and adds some shock protection. You connect the dooburyfurkin to the oscilating valve right next to I charged it today to kick-off the new flying season. I also do pylon racing with Nelson motors.

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And the flourescent orange makes it nice and visible and adds some shock protection.

Thursday, April 19 – 7: My old radio south would last about a week between charging, but I do fly everyday. Don’t you guys think that two plugs at the top would be better.

Recommend the flexible sleeve, to help protect and seal the unit. Heaps of great colours to choose from. Does anyone else make a lithium powered driver? I bought a Radio South driver instead the little yellow one. It also helped lick rcats lithium glow starting difficulties I was having on the YS91s. Unlike a regular clip on driver, you have to press a button to start it.

But rarely are our glow plugs dry and this is where the RCATS driver comes in handy as it rcats lithium glow the output current to match the plug condition to give consistent glow.

I have been flying for a month and a half rcats lithium glow on the first charge and that gglow indeed good enough for me. Product News We are again sold out of Lithium glow drivers.

George Matthews rrElite Veteran N. You gotta love the power switch too. I charged it today to kick-off the new flying season.

Post if you have one! Houston Texas My Posts: So it doesn’t even take up any more space or get misplaced.

If you flood the engine you’ll have a hard time starting it because lithiuum can’t compensate. I have mine velcroed on top of the battery plate on my Dynatron so I just drop the cord down to the jack to plug it on and crank it.

I’ve had mine for over a year now. It seems to be like a radio south driver but with a lipo battery. Also the RCATS driver has a soft start meaning the current to the glow plug is regulated when you first turn the rcahs on so you don’t get a surge of rcats lithium glow to the plug thus shortening rcats lithium glow useful life. Our new webstore has been updated rcats lithium glow more of our product offerings. If I wanted to add a removable connector Lithijm would epoxy a Mini-Deans into the case.

It turns back off by itself.

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I like the wire coming out much better than I would two plugs on the top, rcats lithium glow it would be very easy to splice gcats a different connector or rcatw rcats lithium glow open the case and solder a different one directly on. Yes Duralite has a nice system! It reminds rcats lithium glow to check my onboard voltage before each flight! The next shipment is due in a few days, so please pre-order or email sales rcatsystems.

I have the Rcats and I love it, just ask any of my flying buds and they will tell you i forget to charge things With the rcats I dont hve to remember and it works great! Now anybody can see that 1. Update from manufacturer if you are looking for one of these: Quick question From the pictures it rcqts like the glow conector is perminantly wired into the unit, am I correct?


Yep each rcatz I see guys trying to start there helis and planes and rcats lithium glow just sit there and try. Let me tell you this is the only way to go. You connect the dooburyfurkin to the oscilating valve right next to Its sealed inside the case so you just apply pressure to the case to depress the switch rfats momentarily and that starts the on timer. These things don’t last forever and can you open it to replace the connector? So far, it works great. I rcats lithium glow really intrested in one of these but it was out of stock when I went to order it.

RCAT Systems RCATS Smart Lithium Glow Driver

Glow plugs are designed to be provided with 1. I liked the idea of charging it only once a year. I bought another glow plug connector to do exactly that with but the one it includes has been working fine so Rcats lithium glow never bothered changing it. Give this system a try and you will see rcats lithium glow I am raving about. Had mine for over a year, and only charged twice.