Unscrew the board 2 screws using PH0 crosshead driver I used a small screwdriver to lift the circuit board as close to the glue-strip as possible while holding down the plastic frame that bends. The cables at both ends have not been soldered with the same angle which made it impossible to fit. Well, after reading these instructions and doing alot of other internet research, I proceeded to dig into a Dell Inspiron Try reseating the cable connectors. Just removed the narrow metal shield behind the tube and got the replacement in with a little effort. I answered it here:

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I really appreciate you taking the time to document this….

Picture 2 I removed packard bell easynote e6310 sticky foil and tape see on the second picture. The result is smoky-looking left and right edges on the screen. Fitting the backlight and reflector back in place could be a very challenging task.

Sorry, cannot give you a better solution. I can see through the black that the display is still there just not lit up. Thanks for the instructions.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL) | Laptop Repair

Marie, The new backlight bulb should work outside the case. Very good tips, thanks a lot for posting this, my clients will be very glad I was able to stumble on this site.

I noticed that you dismantle the entire lcd itself. This is a 15 inch screen and has a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. The screen lights up, so the screen surgery was successful.

Apparently, in your case the reflector is not making good contact with the glass sheet on both sides. Could be worth trying. I think one minute is not enough to jump to a conclusion that it works fine outside the case. I consider myself pretty good and packard bell easynote e6310 was tedious! Does it still fail?

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

Thanks for putting packard bell easynote e6310 page together. Anyway, the Gateway is back up and running like new. I have replaced both an inverter and the screen with a working backlight, still see a dim screen. Hi, I really appreciate that someone did put all this work into making these guide — compared to how many laptops are sold, there is going to be lots of need, and especially in the future with more dying CCFLs.

Can that be that both inverters are bad. If I cut the tape to make removal easier is it necessary to make the foil continuous again. The reason for this is the backlamps and their wires have a couple THOUSAND volts pumping through them and you need good insulation to hold back the lightning. Maybe the video cable is not making good connection with the motherboard?

Do not separate the layers, just put them aside together. I replaced the ccfl successfully. I did this on an ibm x By the way, If I use the computer with an external monitor it works but not with the screen. Could this be something loose, broken wire or dirt?

My lamp was an exact match but the packard bell easynote e6310 silicone boots that cover the soldering were larger than my original. Unscrew the board 2 screws using PH0 crosshead driver I used a small screwdriver to lift the circuit board as close to the glue-strip as possible while holding packard bell easynote e6310 the plastic frame that bends. I have an extra back light bulb.

Easynpte with the monitor connected, is the lamp turn on always? Ordered one on ebay and replaced it. Obviously these are special cables to withstand high temperature and high voltage but not so easy to solder.

Did you mean the video cable? The only difference is the new bulbs and their connectors. Also on some LCDs samsung for example you can remove the lamp without removing the header board r6310. I packard bell easynote e6310 a dell inspiron laptop with a I ordered a new inverter and tried packard bell easynote e6310 right away, but my screen is still black!