Once it is detected, it will say that it’s not compatible; just click to continue installation anyway. The older logitech QuickCam Chat works on win vista! The camera I have is the quickcam communicator STX and it worked fine. Learn more about Logitech Inc. Stephan and Rave, this does work, but make sure you follow these steps in this order: Did not require any software to be downloaded or installed from my end. It worked but partialy.

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Logitech develops products like peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers and webcams.

Logitech Drivers & Downloads – Logitech

Just follow the original instructions that worked for pre-SP1. No one has commented yet. For you get success with your logiteh quickcam mesenger on windows 7 buildyou just should download the driver for The Quickcam Chat for skype, http: Restart the computer and now both video and audio should work properly.

I have tried a lot of reinstalls and hacks without any success, please, in case someone fix quidkcam, share the solution. Thanks alot for the fix, worked perfectly, you made my girl and lobitech very logitech quickcam im.

But it’s not the best quality logitech quickcam im for use logitech quickcam im programs such as Skype. I didn’t install the logitech software though, it’s still works perfectly with skype etc. Logtech a lot … did all as noted and video works perfect.

It essentially tracks logitech quickcam im facial structures and moves and changes the 3D animated image to match it. Vista won’t recognize the folder I created. Well, I fixed Vista Service Lm 1 problem, it took me a couple of hours but now I have confirmed workaround works properly. My cam is a Quickcam Web.

I need to know which exact file is the windows XP driver so i can target logitech quickcam im from the device manager since vista doesn’t feel like playing nice.

Also thx to Jeff for ur helpful ideas too! Halleluja logitech quickcam im I love you! As a precaution, I uninstalled all previous Logitech QuickCam and driver software first including driver packs and made restarts before beginning with the process prescribed. Then I unpacked it succesfully with 7-Zip. Here is how to do it: Im a computer retard and tho this took me a few hours to figure out I eventually got it!

Then I go to device manager and Logitech quickcam im scroll down to camera with the yellow exclamation mark on it and i right click and update driver. Go into Bios when starting your computer, set USB controller to 1. Here is the download site from Logitech for the old driver: The Windows Installer is used for the installation, maintenance, and logitech quickcam im. As an aside I will not buy another Logitech product including mice, remotes, or speakers, because of thier abysmal support policy reagrding their cameras.

Webcams Logitech — Drivers

Error report is that “firmware inproperly reports device resources, and driver can’t start”. The older logitech QuickCam Chat works on win vista! Thanks so much for this.

Comments Error posting comment. I have downloaded all the drivers found on logitech’s ftp server, but logitech quickcam im one make me a deal. You will need to find a copy of usbaudio.

Great, this is a big help. But it may be more or less effective depending on your facial features. SYS file in logitech quickcam im computer.

Thanks for the tip, it worked for my QuickCam Zoom I tried it after the driver install without getting the latest quickcam logitech quickcam im and its running off my old 8 software. Merci infiniment, grazie mille! I recommend this product for those who, like me, need to use it on the go. And thats as far as I get. Works like a charm. Did this step by step.

It was really informative!!! Thank you for commenting! When I click in the drives subfolder of the qcenu folder, a messege tell me that it is no possible to find the driver and the instalation failled. Learn more about Logitech Inc. Logitech quickcam im have a quickcam messanger. If anyone can help me, please don’t foregt me.

This basically the same trick used for Windows 32 bit except that the new drivers from Logitech don’t unpack with WinRAR! I cannot hear anything. I was hoping there logitech quickcam im be an easier way, but I decided I wanted my webcam working again, and now pogitech is.

I had to user the following instructions: The following hack will use Windows XP driver a common trick to use non Vista compliant device to install the webcam in Vista:. Sorry but I forced to disagree your advise above. But the camera is showing only black screen. Does anyone know logitech quickcam im to fix this?