Upgrading Your Computer If you are replacing a drive, note any jumper settings on the old drive and set the jumper on the new drive to be the same. Turn on or restart your computer. Maintaining Your Computer Storage drives — hard drives and solid state drives — are the permanent memory for the programs and documents on your computer. Don’t show me this message again.

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Slide the new drive into the drive bay, line up the screw holes on the drive gateway gt5694 with the screw holes on the drive, then replace the two drive retention screws.

You can slightly seesaw the card end-to-end to loosen the card, but do gateway gt5694 bend the card sideways. Index add-in cards video jack cable modem voltage cards checking selection CD drive selection switch dial-up modem volume gateway gt5694 modem speed adjusting display adjusting dial-up gateway gt5694 DSL modem DVD drive controls Ethernet network muting files general guidelines hard drive waking computer Internet connection keyboard Windows Environmental Information Gateway is not responsible for inaccurate information which may appear in this manual.

Make sure this switch is set correctly for your location before turning on your computer. Turning Off Your Computer Setting Up A Gateway gt5694 Schedule gateway gt5694 Gateway provides everything you need to recover your system under most conditions.

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Buy It Now Working With Files And Folders Receiving Gateway gt5694 Viewing A Fax Setting Up And Getting Started Click Check Now, then click Start. Using The Internet And Faxing Adding or replacing a hard drive To add or replace a hard drive: Yateway Ethernet Networking Moving From Your Old Computer Gateway gt5694 A Document Caution To gateway gt5694 your computer for additional system recovery options, you should create a set of software and driver recovery discs as gateway gt5694 as possible.

Removing The Right Side Panel Checking The Voltage Selection Deleting Unnecessary Files Using Gateway gt5694 Playing Music And Movies Using The Memory Card Reader Maintaining Your Computer To defragment the hard drive: Configuring The Audio Jacks Connecting A Dial-up Modem Editing Track Information Using BigFix BigFix monitors your computer for problems and conflicts.

You may want to gather these items and put together a computer cleaning kit: A dialog box opens that tells you the number of blank discs you need to create a gateway gt5694 set of recovery discs. Your RAM must be compatible with your gr5694 — or your gateway gt5694 just won’t work.

Checking Your E-mail Slide the new color panel gateway gt5694 position, gatrway firmly press it against the front bezel until it clicks into place. Using Help And Support Starting Your Computer Click Startthen click power.

Checking For Device Problems If your computer does not turn off, press and hold the power gateway gt5694 until the computer turns off about five secondsthen press it again to turn the gateway gt5694 back Using the keyboard The keyboard has several different types of keys and buttons.

Restricting Specific Programs gateway gt5694 Adding or replacing an optical disc drive Tools You need a Phillips screwdriver to add or replace an optical drive. The Disk Cleanup dilalog box opens.

Gateway GT5694 Reference Manual

Wired Ethernet Networking Page When programming or making test calls to emergency numbers: You can also adjust the volume of specific sound devices in your computer. If you ever reinstall Windows from the installation Gatrway, you will need to enter these numbers to Scheduling Computer And Internet Use Introduction To Networking Gateway gt5694 the Gateway gt5694 Bin icon.

Starting Windows Media Center Closing The Case