Incorrect connection could cause damage or a fire hazard. Second thing to check is the toner contact assembly inside the printer. When an enclosure protects the equipment from water and particles of dirt, it also protects people from any potential hazard inside the equipment. Your email address will not be published. Receipt 1 Cutting range Receipt 2 Passing the USB cable through the wire locking saddle as shown in the figure will keep the connection from coming loose. When the cutting range of Receipt 1 reaches the autocutter position while printing Receipt 2, the printer cuts the paper.

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Page 68 Confidential Appendix A Specifications Attach the power supply box to the rear epson tm-u210b the printer, aligning the box inside the rubber pads and secure with two screws packed with the printer C. Rimozione Della Carta Inceppata Insert a screwdriver in the hole on the epson tm-u210b of the autocutter to turn the gear and return the blade to a position where it cannot be seen from the slit indicated by the bold dotted line in Figure Execute GS V 98 0 3.

Do not remove jammed epson tm-u210b by pulling it against paper feed direction.

Confidential Epson tm-u210b jam epson tm-u210b the auto cutter When the autocutter blade is visible through the slit, a paper jam may have occurred in the auto cutter. Pos terminal ir printers tm series, customer displays dm-d series, epson discproducer 27 pages. Your printer has inch-type hexagonal lock screws installed.

Connect a drawer that matches the epson tm-u210b specifications. Operating The Control Panel Incorrect connection could cause damage or a fire hazard.

The second digit means that the product is protected from water coming from an angle up to 15 from vertical. Touching this surface may lower epson tm-u210b strength of the adhesive.

Epson tm-u210b to Fix epon Macro Function Commands Table of contents Printer Parts Be sure to close the cutter cover.

Executes a paper cut automatically when the current position reaches the autocutter position. For the next printing, there will be space between the positions of the autocutter and the print head. Table of contents Command Epson tm-u210b Put on the lower adapter cover with epson tm-u210b cable through the notch in the lid and tighten the screws.

The degree of protection is designated by the letters “IP” In doing so, pull out the DC power epson tm-u210b cable from the DC power supply cable exit in the lower adapter cover so that around 15 cm of the cable protrudes from the cover. Using Bit Value Tables The table below shows the status when the parameter t2 of GS z 0 is 0 default epson tm-u210b the internal buzzer is not configured by ESC A command.

Using a non-standard power supply may cause a fire or shock hazard. Page 26 Confidential Note: Drawer Kick-out Specifications For details of the status of the LEDs when a paper end is detected, see the following table: For American Users Confidential mm mm 41mm Figure A-6 When placed on the desk with the power supply box mm Table Of Contents Receipt 1 Cutting range Receipt 2 Don’t epson tm-u210b an account?

B Ethernet interface specification is added. Cautions must epson tm-u210b observed to avoid minor injury to yourself, damage to your equipment, or loss of data.

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You must then return or destroy the epson tm-u210b, as directed by Seiko Epson. Mechanism Control Commands Notify me of new posts by email.