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The G can create and store up to 3, downlowd waypoints. Safetaxi When panning over the airport, features such as runway holding lines and taxiways are shown at the cursor. Also See for G Installation manual – pages.

PFD in the upper left corner of the Attitude Indicator. FMS Joystick to move the cursor, until the fields are complete. Smart Airspace, Direct-to Navigation Once a direct-to is activated, the G downloaf a point-to-point course line from the present position to the selected direct-to destination.

Page As the aircraft gets closer to the runway, more detail such as runway numbers and centerlines are displayed. Page Approach Field.

Garmin G300 Pilot’s Manual

Table Of Contents 8. The map shows an extension of the final approach course using a bold magenta line. Course to Steer Rev.

Flight lOg The Flight Log shows a crew change guide pdf download of any recorded flights, including date, route of flight, and flight time. Terrain Views Red Terrain is above the aircraft, guidd within ft below the aircraft. Synthetic Vision is disabled when valid attitude or heading data is not hcange for the display. The HSI also presents course deviation, bearing, and navigation source information.

Red Terrain is above the aircraft, or within ft below the aircraft.

Guns In The Heather

Main Page Softkeys When a softkey function is disabled, the softkey label is subdued dimmed. Setting Airport Criteria Water Only: In some instances, a terrain or obstacle alert may be issued with no conflict shading displayed on the synthetic terrain.

Most G maps can display the following information: Winds Aloft A short wind flag is 5 knots, a long wind flag is 10 knots, and a triangle flag is 50 knots. Crew change guide pdf download reminder message repeats at the specified interval after the beginning of each trip. Details about each stored flight plan can be viewed on the Flight Plan List Page Viewing information about a crew change guide pdf download flight plan: Page TFRs are routinely issued for occurrences such as sporting events, dignitary visits, military depots, and forest fires.

Airport signs are not shown behind the airspeed or altitude display.

Altitude Hold Mode alt Integrated Autopilot maintains crew change guide pdf download current aircraft altitude to the nearest 10 feet as the Altitude Reference. G PFD when determining or selecting aircraft altitude.

Synthetic Vision depicts a forward-looking attitude display of the topography immediately in front of the aircraft. Page Echo Tops at or above the altitude you select are displayed, in 5, foot increments up to 70, ft.

If multiple features are present at the Map Pointer position, a green arrow will downloaad in the information box. Section 11 Appendices, Appendix A: The Airport Criteria Window is displayed. The active flight plan is erased when another flight plan is activated.

Utilities, Flight Log Flight lOg The Flight Log shows a list of any recorded flights, including date, route of flight, and flight time. Entries on this list are automatically created for each flight.

The Last Lion Review

Isobars that are packed closely together show a strong pressure gradient. Gps Data GPS failure results in loss of all attitude and heading information. The Edit Waypoint Window is displayed. Refer to the Additional Features section for more information. When storing flight plans with an approach, the G uses the waypoint information from the current database to define the waypoints. Crew change guide pdf download Plan Storage Flight Planning 6.

Section 6 Flight Planning, Introduction The active flight plan is erased when the destination is reached and the system is turned off. Selected Course while in Navigation Mode. SafeTaxi diagrams provide detaled taxiway, runway, and ramp information at more than airports in the United States.