February 22, at 8: June 20, at I want to buy an enclosure but does not know what to buy. When it starts making noise, it must be replaced. I request your suggestion to rectify my problem and I would like to know the simple methods to avoid heating and noise along with causes for the same. April 23, at 7:

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Hi Repair man, My laptop can not boot anymore. November 21, at 2: As you see, these two connectors are a little bit […]. How practical is it compaq presario cq35 216tu try and resolder or should I just go for a new motherboard?

You cannot modify the laptop. Thanks for the answer. Most modern laptops use 2. May 30, at 8: Mine has only one row with 22 pins plus 2 other pins separate.

July 28, at compaq presario cq35 216tu November 21, at 3: I have a HP Pavillon dv I replaced my old drive with a new drive. Open up the DVD drive and clean the lens with cotton swab.

Hard drive

Yep, could be a faulty hard drive. February 22, at 8: June 13, at 6: My laptop stopped booting. After sitting for a month or so I was able to start it fine — normally without problems.

I have give up to change a motherboard, but to buy a new laptop. Sometimes I can boot in safe mode. Do you have enough skills to solder the connector cq335 to the motherboard? Now, on the original vista still loads. Is a pin bent an intermediate connector missing all i have at the moment is a large open slot and the bracket carrier. If not, probably compaq presario cq35 216tu have a bad hard drive. April 8, at 4: I have tons of pictures and music inside. January 4, at 9: I was wondering if anyone would take a look at this as I have never updated a BIOS and am a bit fearful of messing something up.

April 15, at You cannot do it at home. You have nothing to lose anyway. If the hard drive fails test, replace the drive. Just make sure to buy the correct type compaq presario cq35 216tu is supported by your laptop. I have windows xp, SP3. January 26, at 6: The connector on presrio motherboard was very poorly soldered and no reinforcments to hold it in place so it came away from the motherboard. As soon as I start my laptop compaq presario cq35 216tu starts making very loud noise.

When I put in my new hdd I want to put on a sticker like that as well presaeio I can take it out if I have any problems but I can not find compaq presario cq35 216tu sticker like that any where and I also do not know what they are called.

Hard drive | Laptop Parts

Do you think it could be de hard drive failing? The external drive will pop up in My Computers if there is nothing wrong with the drive.

There will be no problem. After that compaq presario cq35 216tu connect this enclosure to another working PC or laptop and access your data.

April 21, at Test the hard drive. The HD connection does not have 2 rows of 22 pins like the one you show and everywhere.

Buy an enclosure for your drive. From research replacing the HDD has worked for people.

I have a bad hard drive. If you would like to speed up your laptop, replace your low RPM drive with a faster one. I opened it, wanted to take out the hard disc. July 27, at prexario I have an IDE hard drive.