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I went through all the steps but no avail. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I have a same problem as yours I already try your suggestion but it didn’t work for me. Hey, can you please help me, I have a mini acer laptop, and last night I logged out okay today when I turned it on, the turn on button was on but the screen doesnt turn on. Followed your steps and laptop was back to life again.

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Leannes – Dec 15, at SYS other msgs end in pciide. I definitely am impressed with the solution given A History of Nvidia GeForce. Tried rewiring things compal hlb2 incase any cables were loose.

Achelus – May 8, at Ignacio Soler Garcia 2 9 I had the power plug in, but compal hlb2 realize it wasn’t connected, so when the battery ran out, it turned off. So there are many problems which will cause issues of the screen. Recently I had changed the screen and therefore Compal hlb2 thought the compal hlb2 connectors were loose or something and even went compal hlb2 the pain of opening it up.

Dior – Jun 11, at It is Dell laptop. Sammythesalmon – Dec 3, at Allowed laptop to cool for half an hour in case overheating might be the problem.

I was so frustrated Compal hlb2 was crying I just had the fan replaced I couldn’t afford to have repairs done again thank you thank you thank compal hlb2 Without benchmarks, you can check with GPU-Z techpowerup. I was so upset and miserable when the above happened to my new laptop. Dude – Jun 11, at Tried it and worked for us.

Random Booting Off

Ok, I will give it a try. Saved us money we don’t have compal hlb2 to fix computer. This fixed my laptop immediatly, good work on finding this simple compaal If you deactivate it simply, the card will be on maximum performance all the time. Report Respond compal hlb2 baldi RLDO – May 1, at Highly impressed and greatful.

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Hey, I would call acer on that because when compal hlb2 bios went out they walked hb2 step by step on flashing it from a USB. I’m thinking it’s a memory issue because the sy I suspect this is a lid switch module problem, but I have not varified this. I have an acer mini and the compal hlb2 isnt coming on and the booth light isnt eaither what could be the problum?

Take of battery, Connect the power, Turn on the laptop and started to tap “F8” Randomly a few times. Ask a question Compal hlb2 Reply to this topic.

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Keyboard would not work compal hlb2, hlb22 down and received the black screen of death, Hard drive was not read. Thought I was screwed when the screen was blank.

It came back compal hlb2. Did what you told me. I also need to say thank you!!! Please tell me what is the fault.

OMG compal hlb2 you so much! Everything is powering on fine and I have hear the fans running, the lights come one.