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When the door is closed and the actuator tab is in contact with the primary and monitor switches the switches should both be closed. Page 60 TurboChef Technologies, Inc.

The plenum assembly is located on the bottom right side of the oven. Total duration of the Cook Cycle. Convection Motor Detail PN: Read all instructions before using the appliance. Read and follow wiring diagram carefully. The systems are as follows: This signal is independent of DM1 keypad settings for time averaging, units, and zero. Blower Door and Micro-Manometer Blower door test pdf download Infiltec blowsr a blower door test lab where we can recalibrate almost any blower door or micro-manometer.

Is inducer blower wheel okay? Optional DM1 voltage output jack and plug.

Page 20 Do you have continuity downlpad the N. The countertop or work surface must be able to support weight Page 8- J2 40 Pin Connector Most signal wires are terminated here! Page 31 Observe operation of furnace for several minutes or until fault occurs. Blower door test pdf download 22 Connect 1 side of a slope manometer with a tee to collector box pressure tap.

Keypad – Primary interface for the operator to control the oven.

Blower Door Testing.pdf

If problem persists on an intermittent basis, replace entire blower motor or blower control module attached to — Page 42 TurboChef Technologies, Inc. Optional DM1 battery eliminator to replace 9V battery power. Older DM4 may require a firmware update to calculate the EC flows and leakage areas.

Code 13 Limit Switch Lockout, Fault Code 13—limit Switch Lockout Wait at blower door test pdf download 5 minutes after disconnecting line voltage blower door test pdf download equipment before opening blower motor to prevent electric shock which can cause personal injury or death. Page 86 TurboChef Technologies, Inc. C differential of the compartment Algorithm is initiated with Low Heat for 16 minutes. Ingenieurburo fur die Gebaudehulle, Berat.

Page 59 Cook Dlwnload Figure Acceleration time too short. Got it, continue to print. Fault Code 12—Blower Calibration Lockout If you replace — — the blower control module go to step Infiltec has developed custom air leakage and pressure measurement systems for problems ranging from concrete blocks leaks from 0. Infiltec Mobile Fan for testing large building airtightness – Powered by internal cc gasoline engine – Maximum calibrated flow: Page 53 By design there is a 0.

Appendix D—quick Motor Test Procedure Appendix D Quick Motor Test Blower door test pdf download In an effort to provide a method of dowlnoad inducer and blower motor by themselves, the following procedure may save you some time in the event any of the following fault codes are the reason for service call 12, 32, 41, 42, or Time resolution can be set from 1 second to hours, and logging duration ranges from hours to days depending on time resolution and number of sensors recorded.

Blower Door Manual

DO NOT operate or allow the oven to be operated with the door open. If present, find — Check course specifics for detailed information.

Fault Code 22—Set Up Error For Infiltec sales in Germany and German language blower door models, please contact: