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The Practical Bee Course DVD includes tips, know how and step-by-step instructions on how to start bee keeping right now!

Continue through 4 traffic Circles. There a number of colour photographs and diagrams with great detail. Honey Bee Secrets Revealed: Mail order Gift idea Must have handbook on Bee info!

As the editor is actually a specialist in plant research, M. There is a wealth of information covered in its im, cover-to-cover. At Olievenhoutbosch turn right [Engen]. Many topics are covered and well described and explained.

Bee Ware – 13 geekeeping OLD! The bee book goes on to then consider the different trees, shrubs and plants that are bee friendly, the nectar and pollen rating and the region these flora would be prevalent. The bee book covers the local bee families and thus provides an excellent perpsective on management, projection and harvesting.

This bee book is suited for the South African afgica especially as it focuses on the Apis Mellifera Scutellata species which is prevalent in the Highveld [northern half of SA]. Mail order Gift idea. One of the many useful and extremely vital pieces of bee info provided by the Blue book is that of pollination.

Both hobbyist and professional beekeepers will find the blue book enhances their operation. One can find a lot of books on beekeeping. What does Beekeeping in South Africa cover: The blue book goes on to describe more! We beekeeping in africa pdf download unit 20 in the top right hand corner!

You will also need to consider equipping yourself with the items listed below:.

Pass Eco Boulevard shopping centre. The well-renowned source of all things beekeeping. Johannesmeier has included vast amounts of nectar tables and nectar rankings for all kinds of different plants, trees and shrubs. We suggest you take a basic course in beekeeping and couple it with a copy of this professionally compiled and presented bee book. Then get a copy of the blue book of beekeeping in South Africa. It is specifically tailored towards the South African beekeeping in africa pdf download industry.

Blue book : Beekeeping in South Africa

Then all you need is the equipment and some bees with a suitable place to keep them. Most of the information can also be applied to Apis Mellifera Capensis as it resides, more or less, south of Bloemfontein [Southern half of SA].

This is invaluable for any beekeeper as you should beekeeping in africa pdf download the flora in your area and then create an idea of the strength of the nectar flow and pollen rating of your area around the apiary!

There are great photographs, descriptions on hive management, diseases and pests, floral types and grades and more. Find Eco Square at the 2nd entrance on the right.

Start with a course. You will also get the flowering time of year and a rating of nectar and pollen for each plant. The bee book provides recorded results when bees have been used to pollinate a crop on how affective their use is by measuring increase of crop yield. Click on order beekeeping in africa pdf download more info. Queen Excluder – metal type from R each Call us: You will also need to consider equipping yourself with the items listed below: Take John Vorster off ramp, Turn towards Irene.

Rated from 1 – 4 with 4 being the strongest flow you can draw a picture of exactly how strong your nectar sources are and therefore how much beekeeping in africa pdf download you should expect to harvest from your bees!