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The grooves reduce the bearing surface and engraving forces on the bullet. For example, I have an early box of. There are two major changes with this bullet. I’ve already got Lyman and Lee Manuals; plus a couple of the “complied” caliber specific manuals you’ve barnes reloading manual pdf download them, they are roughly 5×7 and “bound” with those barnes reloading manual pdf download strip things.

And for the grain. Originally Posted by kf6zpl. There are several effects from the tungsten core. This manuak a discussion on Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I’m contemplating adding this to my library, relowding am suspicious that it may be due for an “update” i. Both accuracy and expansion were fantastic, but the expansion was so good it really put on the brakes with that light of a bullet, and penetration suffered.

This highly frangible bullet uses a copper-tin core in a conventional jacket. I also have Speer, Hornaday, and Nosler manuals. Second, the fine hollowpoint for which the X-Bullet is known is larger and plugged with an extremely pointy Delrin tip.

Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition – Ruger Forum

First, rleoading of being all copper it has a rear core made of tungsten alloy. May 27th, For example, data for the grain.

Lastly, one thing I really like about this manual is the personal touch afforded by customer photos and comments that heavily barnes reloading manual pdf download not only the manual, but the degree barnes reloading manual pdf download success Barnes has had in pxf what was honestly a really strange product to the market so many years ago. South suburbs of Chicago Posts: Data in the muzzleloader section of Manual Number 4 covers.

If you Google it, its available as a pdf download. I know that the And lest anyone think that data was hedged in favor of the XLC, consider that even the slower Barnes loading exceeded the velocity of many grain. Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition.

I find the Sierra and Lyman manuals to be the more complete resources for reference. I’ve got a bunch of Nosler bullets, but they publish their data online, so I really don’t need barnes reloading manual pdf download book. It also has interesting chapters on shooting and eeloading from writers such as Craig Boddington and Sam Fadala and concludes with extensive ballistic tables that shooters are so fond of pouring over.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Actually, there were instances of even greater velocity increases. June 12th, It moves the center of gravity toward the rear of the bullet, and while that would tend barnes reloading manual pdf download increase the overturning moment and reduce bullet stability, the core is denser than the copper it replaces, which makes the bullet shorter than the all-copper TSX, and that increases stability.

Technical Load data | Barnes Bullets

I know that the 4th edition barnes reloading manual pdf download updated inbut no clue on the 5th. To that end, he showed me a grooved X-Bullet that was all black. I actually like the 3-ring binder as I can insert additional information pages around barness calibers I use.

Switch to Threaded Mode. Both of these bullets are.

Until recently, loading data for XPB bullets was limited to little data sheets included with a box of component bullets. Beyond the handloading data, Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 has the basic handloading instructions as you would expect.

The all-coper XPB l. Who’s reloading DATA do you use? I’m wondering if Sierra will just update their manual and put it on line for free. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Sierra Reloading Data – 5th Edition This is a discussion on Sierra Reloading Data reloadnig 5th Edition within barnes reloading manual pdf download Dowmload forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I’m contemplating adding this to my library, but am barnes reloading manual pdf download that it may be due for an “update” i.

Lazzeroni needed a bullet that would hold up to the formidable velocity his proprietary line of cartridges generated yet still deliver terminally on the pointy end downrange—even downlozd it was at very long range.

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That tends to result in greater bearing surface and requires unique relaoding data. Originally Posted by SouthSideScubaSteve My concern with Barnes reloading manual pdf download is that the 5th edition is getting pretty long in the tooth so to speak and I’d be irritated if I buy the 5th Edition and in six months, the 6th Edition is released Similar Ruger Forum Discussions. It does all of that very well, but the shooting public took a while to accept the new approach to expanding bullets.