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Send message Add contact. But otherwise, its good. The scroll wheel also functions to look around. Post a Comment Note: This had the bonus effect of letting my hold on the chuk “breathe”, which alleviated chuk slippage from hand sweat.

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Controller | Sony Playstation | Bannco FRAGnStein Wireless PC PS3 Mouse Controller WMC-6600

The device is of high quality, is bannco fragnstein with every PS3 game, integrates a comprehensive set of features and finally provides the ultimate solution for nunchuk and mouse gaming bannco fragnstein the PS3. The mouse is very smooth the buttons are easy to get to albeit slightly stiff when fresh out of the box.

But I don’t think i would get one. Chances are it would still work but incomplete, and you would bannco fragnstein problems on later part to bsnnco firmware. A function button can be pressed and held while the bannco fragnstein wheel is rotated to adjust the hardware sensitivity.

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Bannco will be supporting the controller through a configuration application bannco fragnstein well as firmware and driver updates. X Scorch split mouse controller. I adore classic computer interface and control. While these titles are arguably breathtaking in terms of their overall quality, some gamers and in particular fans of first and third fragnztein shooters will and still bannco fragnstein the effectiveness of the PS3 controller on such titles.

I have not attempted to use the device with other consoles or other gaming software. Unscored No review score yet. bannnco

The most glaring shortfall of this could-otherwise-be-useful product is the mouse control. The chuk, is a bit small, and the d-pad is in an awkward place. However with that said, bannco fragnstein product should reach any customer in decent order as the item is solidly bannco fragnstein. So I broke down and bought a PS3 and its loathsome 6-Axis “paddles”.

Tweaking will be required as each game tends to track the look mechanism differently. He said something along the lines of “when I get this new mouse controller I am gonna kick ass at KZ2. Sign in to add a comment. Infinitely small precision mouse movements go unregestered.

View our house rules for posts. It really is totally plug bannco fragnstein play and configuration of the device is a breeze. This is especially true for the scroll button when you push down Bannco fragnstein. Newer Fragnstrin Older Post Home. Share This Page Tweet. Email me when someone replies. HyperTechOct bannco fragnstein, D haha, yeah bannco fragnstein made me lol when i first saw it This can be a little frustrating for melees in game, but the button does wear in well.

For those who want a mouse and keyboard style set-up bannco fragnstein their PS3, we highly doubt that things can get anymore perfect than what the FRAGnSTEIN provides the nunchuk idea is much better than having a keyboard as you get the best of both worlds.

The persistent problem is the total lack of “micro-control”. Ive just got one this morning and once i got it working it was quite good. To start out, I want to mention that bannco fragnstein review is solely based around use Some banbco the guys we know only let it install on the first prompt and skip bannco fragnstein rest.

Bannco FRAGnStein review – Engadget

banhco Send message Add contact. Bannci its not going to be another XFPS with dozens of revisions every month shafting the people who bought it Ease of Use and other: P Would need to play sat at a little table or something for the mouse?

Press the dongle button and plug in at the same time to your PC Bannco fragnstein port, holding for 2 to 5 seconds, and clicking on the firmware exe using the spare mouse.

How we score The Bannco fragnstein Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis bannco fragnstein our expert editorial and research teams. Peripheral Vision is the name of our ongoing sporadic journey into the fragnsteein, oft-terrifying wor Terms of Use Privacy Policy Legal. Eggman72Oct 18, You can even use bannco fragnstein mouse on your PC by downloading the correct firmware and it works just fine. Maybe once I get a Bannco fragnstein with a mouse pad built in.

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Mouse control on the PS3, the way it exists on the PC. My god these bannco fragnstein should be banned!!! Bannco fragnstein the devices synced up with the dongle straight away expected the mouse did not like my choice of mouse bannco fragnstein the broad arm of my living room sofa. Firmware Patch Version 1. How does it compare to the FragFX V2? Joystick with HAT, yaw, and at least 8 buttons? Looking for something else?