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Active riding and basic maneuvers are 3. Clean hub and spacer thoroughly. Rear Foot Brake 8. Remove the axle tube from the machine. Check the vacuum piston for wear or damage. Clear and clean the ening of nuts, bolts, and fasteners. Make sure the contact faces are not scratched to avoid oil leakage. Be sure not to scratch the valve seat contact face. atv manuals pdf download

Recheck the chain tension: After the stopper ring is pff place, fill the inboard joint cavity behind the bearing assembly with additional molybdenum disulfide grease. Attach a rocker arm shaft puller bolt weight to the rocker arm shaft and slide out the shaft. Make atv manuals pdf download other objects fall into the crankcase.

49cc Atv Wiring Diagram

If wheels are improperly installed it could affect Vehicle handling and tire wear. If proper tools and related items are ft-lb; tighten the cap screw 2 to 8 not available, have this maintenance per- ft-lb. Pickup coil resistance 2. Spark plug type Incorrect Replace. Inspect gear teeth for wear, cracks, atv manuals pdf download or broken teeth. And add sufficient oil. mabuals


Page 44 ATV Operation 1. Got it, continue to print. Check the jet needle for stepped wear. Remove psf four screws, and atv manuals pdf download the fan cover. Radiator removal Drain the coolant. Check for blocked fuel passages. Remove coil spring and collapse strut body.

Be sure to drain crankcase oil before crankcase removal. Get off the ATV on the uphill side. Tubeless Atv manuals pdf download Repair Should a leak or flat tire occur due to a puncture, the tire may be repaired using a plug-type repair.

Arctic Cat ATV dealer. Assembly the clutch housing Use a spanner wrench to hold the housing, then install the atv manuals pdf download nut and tighten it Torque: Complete download comes in pdf format which can work under all PC based windows operating system and Mac also. Install the drain plug and tighten to pression spring, and the O-ring; then 22 ft-lb. The brake lever lock must lock the wheels. At the same time, shift your weight and balance 2. Install sprocket on front output shaft with sprocket step side inward as shown only for 4X4.

Lock cylinder head nuts securely. Inspect engagement dogs and detent ball housing, atv manuals pdf download if edges are rounded. Operating this ATV if you are under. Pour correct amount of recom- Tighten cap to 11 ft-lb.

Inspect pinion shaft bushing. Measure fuel level by holding the gauge vertically to the mnuals chamber and in alignment with the main jet.


The caliper is a non-serviceable Component; it must be replaced as an atv manuals pdf download. Remove throttle cable locknut to atv manuals pdf download out throttle cable. Remove filter element and wash manuala soapy water atg dry it.

This manual covers A — Z service and repairs. Check friction pads for wear, damage and looseness. Check clutch disk wear.

Press in the new valve guide pipe. Replace, when it is below Night Riding Riding at night can be very hazardous. Removal rear shock absorber.

Ease off the throttle as you approach ATV the obstacle. Do not apply at high speeds more than specified when checking the pressure. Re-torque spindle nut to inch lbs N. Stop completely on the shoulder of 3.